Why did the touch of Jesus greatly disturb the funeral procession of a widows son? Bible Trivia
What part of Malchus' body did Peter cut off with a sword? Bible Trivia
What prophet killed 50 men with fire from heaven? Bible Trivia
What stunning miracle did Joshua do involving the sun? Bible Trivia
According to Jesus why should one cut their eye out and throw it away? Bible Trivia
What biblical heroine prevented a potential Jewish Holocaust? Bible Trivia
Why did the people in Lystra think Paul and Barnabas were gods? Bible Trivia
What natural disaster occurred at Jesus' death? Bible Trivia
What idol god fell face first before the Ark of The Covenant? Bible Trivia
When angels interbred with mankind their children were called what? Bible Trivia
What animals ate the evil queen Jezebel? Bible Trivia
How unbelievably tall might Og king of Bashan have been? Bible Trivia
Jesus taught that resurrected people do not do what? Bible Trivia
What prophet came close to being killed by the sword drawn Angel of The Lord? Bible Trivia
jesus carries cross
Who is Jesus? Bible Trivia
jesus on the cross
After his nap was disturbed what did Jesus do that caused his sailing companions to greatly fear him? Bible Trivia